Let’s WAKE everyone UP

I’ve been writing these Monday Morning Wake Ups for more than three years. Call it a gift or a curse, I seem to have this ability to write about issues that cut to the heart of leadership thinking and behavior. I try to write MMWUs that lift you up, challenge you and inspire you to be a no-compromise leader, to rally your team to do great things and to make the tough decisions that we all have to make as leaders. And I write those infamous MMWUs that make you look in the mirror to confront the stuff you do that compromises the health and vitality of your company’s performance and its precious culture.

In response to last week’s Wake Up, “When Leaders go on a Tear,” Terry McKee posted a blog response that says it best: “I love/hate these MMWUs.” Terry thinks I’m always writing about him, but everyone sees themselves in my MMWUs – including yours truly. I simply write about the complexities of being a leader and what it takes to survive and thrive in good times and bad. I write about real life as a leader in ways that allow readers to internalize my messages, take action and just get better – one MMWU at a time.

Today’s MMWU is about paying it forward. There are more than 8,000 subscribers to my MMWU; I am asking for your help to double this number. Many of you print out my MMWUs to use at leadership team and staff meetings. Even more of you forward them to others who will benefit from that Monday’s “Wake Up” message.

If these Monday Morning Wake-Ups have inspired you, helped you and your company by waking up the leader inside you – let’s wake up as many others as we can.

Here’s how we can wake everyone up and spread no-compromise leadership thinking and behavior:

  • Get your team reading: Just about every MMWU is a perfect topic for a leadership team or staff meeting. A 15-minute discussion on that week’s topic will place a spotlight on a key issue, behavior or opportunity that’s been waiting to be addressed. Always finish the discussion with “next steps” to give the MMWU life beyond the meeting. The fastest way to get your team on the MMWU list is by sending an Excel file with the e-mail addresses you want to add to Eric Ducoff. Eric will add them in and that’s it. (We don’t sell or rent our e-mail list.)
  • Go viral through social media: At the top of every MMWU, there are button icons for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When a MMWU topic resonates with you, it will resonate and benefit others too. Click on the Twitter button and share it with your followers. Do the same on LinkedIn and Facebook. Or, just hit the “Like” button as a sign of appreciation and your willingness to share. Thank you.
  • Pay it forward: It happens all the time. You’re reading a MMWU and people are coming to mind that you want to forward it to. Hit that “forward” button and share it right away. Just add a short note that says something like, “Here’s a good read that I know you’ll find full of value. It’s called the Monday Morning Wake-Up and you can subscribe to it for free. Enjoy.”
  • Thinking big: If you’d like to share my MMWU with your business customers, trade association, Chamber of Commerce, Mastermind group, or other network, just e-mail me. We can create a special launch promotion that your network will appreciate. There’s no cost because we’re helping each other.
  • An even bigger Wake Up!: If you haven’t heard, my next book is on press right now. It’s called Wake Up!, and it’s based on my MMWU series. As Jack Stack said, “This is one good book.” Here’s a little secret: Authors are highly motivated to get out and talk about their new books. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than doing a book signing after a talk. If you have a conference, event or meeting in the works and want me to personally wake everyone up, let me know. It will be fun. Let’s do it.

I know this MMWU was blatant self-promotion. But I’m not selling anything. I’m trying to help leaders and their companies to be their very best. Help me out and spread the word.

– – – – – – – – –

Please share your thoughts with me about today’s Monday Morning Wake-Up. Click above to comment.

Neil Ducoff, Founder & CEO of Strategies and author of No-Compromise Leadership

Pass this e-mail on to your business colleagues, managers and friends. They’ll appreciate it.


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