The ‘New Normal’ Org Chart

The “New Normal” is how I describe the state of doing business today. Think of it as a tidal wave of change that is relentless and moving at high speed. The pace is so fast that it has rendered many tried-and-true leadership approaches and systems grossly underpowered or totally ineffective. To survive and thrive in a change-on-steroids economy, leaders need to rethink everything quickly or drown in the wake of change. I’m not being overly dramatic – just stating what every leader knows to be true.

It’s hard for a company to be fast, responsive and innovative when its organizational structure is complicated and, in many ways, designed to be territorial. This is exactly what happens when org charts are built around titles and functions. In the New Normal, organizational structures must be streamlined, simplified and focused on what’s truly important: the outcomes.

Consider the simplicity and focused potential of an org chart built around the Four Business Outcomes: productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer loyalty. I first presented the Four Business Outcomes in my book No-Compromise Leadership. I described them as a business guidance system for leadership and dynamic growth. Each outcome is driven by what I call The BIG Eight Drivers.

The New Normal org chart gives you four direct reports, each responsible for driving one of the outcomes. It’s uncluttered. It allows you to interact directly with the outcomes that need to occur rather than titles and functions. It also allows the outcomes to interact with each other. If productivity needs more staff, profitability budgets the funds, and staff retention recruits and prepares the skills to serve the customer loyalty outcome. Get the Four Business Outcomes right and you have a company that will survive and thrive in the New Normal.

The New Normal is a catalyst for change and extraordinary opportunity. Use it to your advantage to break free of the constraints of the approaches, tactics and systems of the Old Normal. Use the New Normal to challenge your team to be the best, to flip their mental switches to growing a company that provides opportunity, security and can endure for generations. That’s what leadership and business is all about in the New Normal. It all begins with leadership and an organizational structure that focuses on what’s important: the Four Business Outcomes.

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Neil Ducoff, Founder & CEO of Strategies and author of No-Compromise Leadership

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