Surviving and thriving in the ‘New Normal’

The “old normal” died in the closing days of 2008. Its passing received no headlines, not even a somber obituary. It just died and took with it many of our most trusted tried-and-true business tools. We all felt its passing but few understood its significance. All we knew was that the items in our business toolbox were rendered grossly inadequate or completely ineffective. We waited for everything to calm down and return to “normal.”

But things never returned to normal. The global economy and your current reality transitioned to the “New Normal.” I describe “normal” as a naturally occurring standard or state where functions, occurrences and outcomes are highly predictable. So what is this New Normal? At its core, it’s driven by three absolutes: Adapt, overcome or die. The New Normal is change on steroids. And while most leaders recognize that the business game is different, they haven’t adjusted how they lead, their tactics or their systems. Until you adjust and dial in your thinking, tactics and systems to meet the demands of the New Normal, your business will continue to sputter and struggle.

It’s time to embrace the “New Normal.” Here are some no-compromise strategies to begin your transition:

  • Lead rather than buck: Bucking the New Normal (change) consumes more energy than leading in the New Normal. Bucking the New Normal is defensive and therefore halts progress. Leading in the New Normal is aggressive. Bucking is about excuses, blame and justification. Leading is about innovation and discovery. Put down your shields and seek understanding. That’s what leaders do.
  • A rare opportunity: There are rare times in business when unlimited growth opportunities lay before you. The New Normal is a gift not a curse. It flushes out the weak and timid. It throws open the door to new possibilities for forward thinkers and doers. The door is still open but it will gradually begin to close as this New Normal matures. Seize the moment. That’s what leaders do.
  • Rally your team: There’s nothing like a shiny new vision and worthy cause to rally your team’s energy. If you’ve been hanging on to what worked in the old normal, you and your team are likely frustrated, stressed and seriously ripe for change. Yes, change can be scary and stressful, but new visions and causes to fight for inspire hope and the belief that better, and possibly the best, times are within reach. I call it “that elusive next level.” Now you have a reason to re-craft your vision and paint an extraordinary picture to inspire your team. The New Normal is about going to the next level. Take your team there. That’s what leaders do.

You can elect to fear change or embrace it. You can let go of what were once your tried-and-true business tools and challenge yourself to discover, master and even invent new ones. Step back and look at the New Normal for what it truly is – an opportunity. It’s what leaders do.

Join me on November 21st from 1 to 3 p.m. (Eastern) as I lead a limited-attendance Webinar on “Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal.” This is the jump-start you need to launch for the holiday season and 2012. A limit of 20 attendees will be strictly adhered to, in order that participants will have ample time for questions. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity – register now!

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Neil Ducoff, Founder & CEO of Strategies and author of No-Compromise Leadership

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