How ‘big’ is your decision?

A Webinar speaker did a long-winded buildup to what he guaranteed was “the one question no one ever asked you.” Finally, he asked the question: “What is the name of the person who gave you permission to think and go big?” He said it was his wife. And after getting permission, he took his already successful career and skyrocketed as an author and speaker in the areas of sales and Internet marketing.

At 30 minutes into this Webinar, I found myself desperately seeking something of value when it hit me. The speaker’s big question was wrong. No has to give you permission to think and go big. It’s your decision – and yours alone.

So, here are my no-compromise thoughts on thinking and going big:

  • You created your current reality: Saying “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” are thoughts that manifest behaviors that hold you back. If people around you say “you can’t” or “you’re not good enough,” it’s your choice to buy into that thinking or prove them wrong. You can change your thoughts any time you choose. Want to change your current reality? Think differently. Think big.
  • Your potential for thinking and going big is limitless: I’ve always wanted to go to China. I got close six years ago. I went to Taipei, Taiwan, to do a seminar where I became friends with my interpreter, Wanda. (Wanda also became one of my biggest fans.) Late last year, she gave me a lead for a keynote opportunity in Beijing that I instantly went after. The conference organizer produces events globally for a wide array of industries – so the spin-off opportunities from this one event are limitless. I leave for Beijing on June 7th.
  • Thinking big is just the first step: Give yourself permission to think big and a whole new world of opportunity opens up before you. Taking action requires courage and determination. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown and doubt are nothing more than self-imposed excuses for not taking action. You’re holding yourself back. I have failed many times – because I took action. I truly believe that my failures have made me successful. There isn’t a success story ever told that wasn’t built on a string of failures.
  • Create your own gravity: When you think big and take action to go big, things start to happen. You gain ground. People begin taking notice of you and your work. You become an authority – the go-to person or company. The value of what you created increases exponentially. In essence, you created your own gravity that attracts the best people and opportunities. Warning: Gravity can also attract things you don’t want – and that usually occurs when you stop paying attention.

So I guess we all got something of value out of that Webinar, after all. Now, think big and take action to go big. No compromise.

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Neil Ducoff, Founder & CEO of Strategies and author of No-Compromise Leadership

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1 Response to “How ‘big’ is your decision?”

  1. May 20, 2011 at 11:25 am

    This one may be easier for me than it is for most. Grandma O’Brien loved to say, “There’s no sense being Irish, if you can’t be thick.” In my case, I’m so think that if you want to be sure something gets done, tell me I can’t do it. If you want to be sure something never gets done, tell me I have to do it. Grandma was a very wise lady. 😉

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